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DISC Assessment


The DISC assessment is a simple, practical and highly accurate tool that measures behaviors, observable indicators. It first helps us to focus on understanding our own communication styles, and then equally as important, how to enhance communications with others. 

Soft Skills

Soft Skills are personal attributes that when honed and used effectively, enable us to have meaningful and harmonious interactions and relationships, both personal and business.

We often come across employers and organizations who recruit new employees not simply because of their technical know-hows, but because of their good soft skills.

Agriculture Consulting


We provide professional agriculture consulting on Stone fruit production for Intensive farming and high quality yield. 

Our Clients


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What is DISC?

Talichila Imchen

Jack Ma/ World Economic Forum/Education & Soft Skills

What People Say

Nargiza Tajikulova, Managing Director, EGN

Nearly a year ago the business consultant of the Paramount Business Consulting Company had offered me to go through DISC program. Now looking back I feel that it was a big luck I had at that time. 

Just imagine a person with big dreams, passion, equipment and many other good qualities, but with no efficiency in her job performance or even in daily life because she didn't know who she was (I mean characteristic-wise), and how to use her strengths or how to overcome her weaknesses, facing various challenges every day. You plan many things for the day and end up with giving up most of them at the end of the day. If you think you can relate, I would like to recommend you to take this program. It covers all the aspects of your life! It helped me to have a better look into my general characteristics, my strengths and weaknesses, my motivators, my potential areas for development. The action plan they offer at the end of the program has been helping me to understand better people around me and to treat them properly which is in turn helping me to build up an efficient team at work.

Murat Azizov, Xinkon

Thank you for the DISC training, it was awesome, useful and interesting. Before I had wrong thoughts about myself, but now I see, this is my nature. And of course, I have many areas needed to develop. I hope and try to grow there. Wish you the all the best and prosperity in your company

Farkhod,  UzCaseMash

Highly trained and professional trainer. Useful handouts. Interesting training program with colorful videos and photos.

Farruh Mahmudov,  CNH

Overall training was very interactive and key learning points were easily learnt.​

Lipokzulu, Director, JMC India

“After attending the DISC training, our team has begun to interact better. I am also building up better human relationships”

Naganto, NEIDA

DISC training was a self reflection moment and helped me to understand my other team members too. The exercises were useful and overall the schedule of the program was great. Hopefully, I will be better at communicating with my team members more effectively. 

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