DISC Assessment and Training

What is DISC?

The DISC assessment is a simple, practical and highly accurate tool that measures behaviors, observable indicators. It first helps us to focus on understanding our own communication styles, and then equally as important, how to enhance communications with others. It does not measure intelligence, values, or performance, but rather encourages us to explore all behavior styles and appreciate the differences. 

DISC profile is a highly validated, user-friendly behavior model that explains Why people do what they do! “DISC” refers to the four core sets of behavior patterns (styles, languages); Dominant, Influence, Steady and Conscientious. The first letter of each of the patterns creates an easy to remember acronym: D I S C.

Our DISC service comes in two parts- DISC Assessment and Training.


First, the DISC online assessment- It takes you about 10 minutes to complete. Then you receive a 35-pages report with valuable information about your communication preferences. It additionally provides insightful instructions on treating and communicating with others the way they want to be treated. Dr Tony Alessandra calls this the wise counsel – The Platinum Rule.


Second, upon completion of the online assessment, our DISC certified trainer takes you through one day of Training. We are also available to provide On the Job (OJT) Coaching, depending on your business need.


Besides using DISC for Self Improvement, DISC is a powerful tool that is also used for Career Matching, Change Management, Coaching, Counselling, Conflict Resolution, Customer Service, Diversity Training, Hiring, Leadership Programs, Management Skills, Team Building, and much more. 

Here’s a quick glance at DISC

Each DISC style has a significantly different priority or orientation.  Each priority denotes a specific focus that generates personal energy and motivation, and as a result there is a wide variance in the preferences to act.


Behavior Style                   Priority                                            Preference


Dominant                          Problem Solving                        Prefers making quick decisions

Influence                          People Involvement                   Prefers to actively engage others

Steady                              Plan Development                     Prefers systematic approach

Conscientious                  Procedures Followed                 Prefers to be detailed​


Personally I think it's essential for everyone to get the self awareness that DISC provides. By definition blindspots are things that we are unaware of. It's these blindspots that are holding us back in personal effectiveness, relationships and work.

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