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  • What does your company do?
    Our company is a “OOO” service company (limited liability). Currently we offer business consulting services for Startup companies, in Financial Management and Agriculture, and provide DISC assessments, Soft Skills Training and other customized forms of Coaching and Training for both groups and individuals. ​
  • What is the aim of your training programs?
    Our training programs are designed for individuals and organizations who wish to enhance confidence, improve communication, and be more effective in their jobs and tasks.
  • Do you have an office in Tashkent/ Is your office based in Tashkent?
    Yes. We are based in Tashkent and our office is located here: Bunyodkor Shoh Ko'chasi, 41 Chilonzor Region, Tashkent-100185, Uzbekistan
  • Can you provide training in English/Uzbek/Russian? OR: Which languages do you train in?
    Yes. We can provide training in English, Uzbek and Russian.
  • Who are your trainers?
    We have foreign and local trainers with over 20 years of experience who have trained locally and internationally. Click here to get to know our team!
  • What is your fee for groups?
    In general, a day of Team Training costs 5,675,000 UZS for 10-20 participants. You can find an overview of the fees for our individual services here.
  • How does one pay for your services?
    We accept payment (Uzbek soums) via cash, terminal, bank transfers. We issue receipts.
  • Which services do you provide?
    We currently offer: - Business consulting services for Startup companies, in Financial Management and Agriculture - DISC assessments and follow-up Coaching - Soft Skills Training - Other customized forms of Coaching and Training for both groups and individuals. Click here for a more detailed overview of our services.
  • What is the duration of each program?
    We have short duration programs of 2-4 hours. We also have customized long duration period lasting from 1 day to 5/7 days.
  • Do you provide training to individuals? What is the procedure?
    Yes, we provide training programs to individuals. Please contact our office ( for details!
  • Do you provide certificates after the completion of each program?
    For our corporate clients, we provide joint certificates upon client request. We also provide Participation certificates for seminars and special programs.
  • Do you provide any discount for students?
    Yes, we want students to benefit through our programs without costing them much. Depending on trainer and program, we usually provide 30-50% discount if you have a valid Student ID card.
  • Do you provide any opportunities for students to intern with your company? / Do you accept interns? What are the terms and conditions?
    We plan on taking interns from 2018. Please contact us via!
  • Do you have any job openings in your company? Who can I contact?
    We currently don't have any Job Openings for consulting professionals but are offering internships to Preschool university students and Business Management students. Reach out to us at if you are interested!

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