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Overview of Prices
for our Services
Office Meeting

DISC Assessment & Follow-Up Training

Abu Suleyman Banokati, 24, Mirabod OR: On-The-Job Training

Online Assessment

& 4 hours of Coaching

1,300,000 UZS per person

DISC for Job Profiling

885,000 UZS

per Online Assessment

Agriculture Consulting

Individual pricing based on type of consulting and location

Soft Skills Training

Abu Suleyman Banokati 24, Mirabod

Effective Business Communication

2 days, 10-20 participants

5,675,000 UZS per day

Excellence in Team Communication

with DISC

Online Assessment & 1-day Team Training, 10-20 participants

Assessment: 750,000 UZS per person
Training: 5,675,000 UZS per day

Team Building

1 day, 10-20 participants

5,675,000 UZS per day

Business Management


For small companies & entrepreneurs

Individual pricing based on project size

Editing & Voice

Individual pricing based on content and volume of the book

Financial Accounting Consulting

Monthly fee based on the scale of work

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